Lego for Space Fans: Best Holiday Shopping Deals 2017

Lego for Space Fans: Best Holiday Shopping Deals 2017

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We've rounded up the best deals not to be missed on Lego Star Wars, Marvel, DC and space sets.

Lego Star Wars, Lego DC, Lego Marvel or Lego space sets: no matter what your preference, we've rounded up the best deals on each of these below. Whether you fancy building a Batmobile or constructing a Clone Trooper, we've got you covered.

You'll find a huge range of Lego sets below. There's the huge, adults-only sets with MSRPs so high you can consider them lifetime investments. And there's the smaller, kid-friendly playsets - and just about everything inbetween. The majority of sets we've rounded up have a saving of at least 15% - sometimes much, much more - so you know you're getting a great deal.

Scroll down, and you'll see that we've split the best Lego deals up into multiple categories. First is our selection of the hottest Lego deals right now from across all categories. Next you'll find Lego Star Wars deals, followed by Lego Space deals then Lego Marvel and Lego Batman/DC deals. Keep on scrolling to get to the section you want, or use the handy links to the side of the page to jump to your section of choice.

You’ll find more Lego deals on our specific Lego Star Wars deals and Lego space deals hubs pages, too. And if you’re searching for bargains elsewhere, check out our best drone deals or best Star Wars gift deals.

Keep scrolling to see our best Lego deals separated into space, Star Wars, Marvel and DC. But right here are the hottest Lego deals from around the web, with the biggest savings to be had right now.

Lego Marvel Hulkbuster Ultimate Collector's Series $549.99 $417.99 at Amazon

Save 24% on this giant UCS Hulkbuster, complete with moving arms and legs – and one heck of a giant stature. Made up of 4,049 pieces, this mega Marvel set is one for serious collectors only.

Lego City Space Port Lunar Research Base $129.99 $100.99 at Amazon

Save 22% on this giant Lunar Research Base. Inspired by NASA's real-life Artemis concept, it's a playset for serious space fanatics, including plenty of minifigures and accessories for youngsters to act out their own lunar missions.

Lego Marvel Black Panther $349.99 $209.99 at

Here's another set for serious collectors: this almost life-sized T'Challa bust is made up of 2,961 pieces, featuring the iconic Black Panther mask and gloves. With a huge 40% off, it's the cheapest we've seen this set yet.

In the words of Din Djarin, this is the way... to the best Lego Star Wars deals. In this section we've highlighted the very best Star Wars sets from across the galaxy. Whether you're buying for yourself or for a gift, we're certain you'll find the perfect Lego Star Wars set.

You'll find more Lego Star Wars deals on our dedicated page. And if you need help choosing the perfect set, head on over to our Lego Star Wars buyer's guide.

Lego Star Wars Death Star Trash Compactor $90 $72 at Walmart

Save $18 on a recreation of the classic scene from A New Hope where Luke, Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca find themselves trapped inside a garbage compactor. To fully recreate the scene, the walls even move closer together in this model, which we absolutely love.

Lego Star Wars Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama $89.99 $71.99 at Amazon

Remember the scene from Empire Strikes Back where Luke Skywalker crash-lands into a swamp near Yoda's hut? This 1,000 piece allows you to recreate that iconic moment. Complete with Yoda, Luke and R2-D2 minifigs, too.

Mandalorian N-1 Starfighter $59.99 $47.99 at Walmart

Save $12 on another Mandalorian Starfighter - this time, the N-1 Starfighter from season two of Disney+'s hit series. Included are minifigures of Baby Yoda, the Mandalorian and Peli Motto. It also has a cockpit to fit one of the minfigures, a cargo compartment and spring-loaded shooters.

LEGO Star Wars: Boba Fett’s Throne Room $99.99 $70 at Amazon
There's currently 30% off to be had on this Book of Boba Fett set. It contains 732 pieces and 7 minifigures - including a rather unique Bib Fortuna.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Red Five Helmet $69.99 $55.99 at Walmart

Save 20% on this eye-catching replica of Luke Skywalker's iconic Red Five helmet. Unfortunately, it's not life-size so you won't be able to fit it over your own head. It'll look great on your desk, though.

Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child $89.99 $69.98 at Amazon

Save 20% on the most adorable Star Wars Lego kit in the galaxy. The Child – aka Grogu aka Baby Yoda – is a great display piece (and it even comes with a Grogu minifig too).

Lego Star Wars Dark Trooper Attack $34.99 $26.99 at Amazon

Save 23% on this recreation of a scene from The Mandalorian season 2, showing Luke Skywalker's attack on the Dark Troopers. Thanks to a rotating door, he can dramatically appear, ready to kick butt.

Lego Star Wars Boba Fett's Starship
$49.99 $37.99 at Amazon

You can fly this iconic Star Wars ship for much less than usual. Boba Fett's Starship is a 593-piece Lego build aimed at kids aged 9 and up. You'll get The Mandalorian, Boba Fett and even a Carbonite brick with the set.

Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter $44.99 $36.49 at Amazon

This Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter lets you use the Dark Side of the Force to hold off Resistance fighters. At 432 pieces, this kid-friendly (ages 8+) build is a great display piece and extremely durable for play. You'll also get several minifigures to pilot the ship.

Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Helmet $69.99 $56.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on another iconic Star Wars helmet, that of the Mandalorian. Here, you get 584 pieces as well as a display stand with a name plaque.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter $49.99 $40 at Amazon

Save 20% on this Lego X-Wing Fighter from Amazon. Recreate your favorite scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy as this set contains 474 Lego pieces. It also comes with a Luke Skywalker (with lightsaber), Princess Leia and a General Dodonna minifigure - and an R2-D2 droid figure.

We're heading to the furthest reaches of space to bring you the best deals on Lego space sets available right now. Whether it's a futuristic playset or a realistic model based on a NASA property, Lego's space range has something for everyone.

Want more Lego space deals? Head over to our dedicated Lego space deals hub. And if you want help choosing the best set for you, our guide on the best Lego space sets should help.

Lego City Space Port Lunar Research Base $129.99 $100.99 at Amazon

Save 22% on this giant Lunar Research Base, inspired by NASA's own Artemis base camp concept. With a wealth of minifigures, a rover and plenty more, there's everything a young builder needs to recreate their own lunar missions.

Lego Friends Olivia's Space Academy $69.99 $55.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on Lego Friends' first foray into space with Olivia's Space Academy. It comes with a NASA branded shuttle, a laboratory, a telescope and four Lego Friends mini-dolls.

Lego City Rocket Launch Center $160 $132.99 at Amazon

Save $25 on this epic playset that lets kids create their very own rocket launch. It's licensed by NASA, based on its own Artemis project, and with 1,010 pieces it allows kids to recreate their own epic space missions.

LEGO City Lunar Space Station $79.99 $55 at Amazon

Blast into the moon's orbit with this fantastic 500-piece Lunar Space Station playset that comes complete with a Docking Space Capsule, Science and Botany Labs and see-though Sleeping Quarters for the five astronaut minifigures.

Lego City Space Lunar Roving Vehicle $39.99 $31.75 at Amazon

Save 20% on this space rover, inspired by NASA's own Artemis concept designs. It comes with three minifigures and a meteor impact site, all ready for young space explorers to begin their own mission.

Lego City Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions $39.99 $26.93 at Amazon

This Lego set is designed to be played with alongside an accompanying app, providing various missions and tasks to build space-related equipment out of the 300 included pieces. It's something a bit different to keep kids busy for a long time.

Like your Lego with a side of superhero? Then check out our selection of the best Lego Marvel deals currently available. Whether you're an Iron Man fan or you go weak at the knees for Wolverine, hopefully we've got something to suit.

You can find out more about Lego Marvel by visiting our best Lego Marvel sets hub.

Lego Marvel Venom $69.99 $55.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on a fantastic recreation of Venom, Spider-Man's long-standing nemesis. With its ferocious-looking teeth and slithering tongue, it's realistic enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Lego Marvel The Goat Boat $59.99 $42 at Walmart

Save $18 on this model based on Thor: Love and Thunder. Who wouldn't want a Viking longship being pulled by two happy-looking goats? It comes with Thor, Mighty Thor, Valkyrie, Korg and Gorr minifigures.

Lego Marvel I Am Groot $54.99 $47.24 at Amazon

Save 14% on a 476-piece Lego set that's well suited for older kids and teens. Perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy, the completed model has moving parts, so builders can pose Groot in different positions.

Lego Marvel Hulkbuster Ultimate Collector's Series $549.99 $424.99 at Amazon

Save 23% on this absolutely massive UCS set. Made up of 4,049 pieces, this is one for serious collectors only - but this Hulkbuster is going to look absolutely fantastic on your shelf.

Lego Marvel The Hulkbuster: The Battle of Wakanda $49.99 $39.99 at Walmart

If you don't fancy taking on the UCS Hulkbuster, how about this smaller version? It comes with minifigures of Bruce Banner, Okoye and two outriders. With $10 off, it's a bargain.

Lego Marvel Black Panther $349.99 $209.99 at

Here's another set for serious collectors: this almost life-sized T'Challa bust is made up of 2,961 pieces, featuring the iconic Black Panther mask and gloves. With a huge 40% off, it's the cheapest we've seen this set yet.

Lego Marvel The Guardians Ship $159.99 $132.99 at Amazon

Save 17% on the perfect set for any fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. You get 1901 pieces of Lego here so there's plenty of building fun to be had. Also included is a display stand and minifigures of Groot, Rocket, Thor and more.

Lego Marvel Infinity Gauntlet $79.99 $63.99 at Amazon
This Infinity Gauntlet is a designed-for-adults set, made up of 590 pieces. Largely made of gold bricks, it’s a stunning display piece - and even comes with poseable fingers. Not that we suggest you should make any rude gestures, of course.

Prefer your superheroes a little more moody? Then perhaps Batman is more your speed. Thankfully, Lego Batman sets have been around for some time, coming in a range of shapes and sizes. We've rounded up the best Batman Lego sets, and more from the world of DC, below.

Lego Technic The Batman Batcycle $49.99 $39.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on this Technic Batcycle, based on the vehicle from The Batman. Made up of 641 pieces, it's a fairly challenging build, and makes a great model for any modern Batman fan.

Lego Batman Batmobile: The Penguin Chase $29.99 $23.99 at Amazon

Save 20% on this Batmobile playset, modelled on the iconic vehicle from 2022's The Batman. It might not be the biggest Lego Batmobile we've ever had, but it packs a punch with spring-loaded cannons and fancy bodywork.

Lego Technic The Batman Batmobile $99.99 $80 at Amazon

If you want a more challenging Batmobile build, then this Technic set is for you. It's based on the Batmobile from 2022's The Batman, and it's made up of 1,360 pieces.

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