Smallsat Rideshare Missions

Smallsat Rideshare Missions

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Announced payloads or customers without an assigned mission

Delayed payloads from previous missions

Landmapper-Demo6+7, BHAARATHIYA-SAT, Hypernova, PyCubed-1, HERON MkII, KILI-1, GOSSAMER-PICARD, Gossamer Vendelinus, STORK 8, NUTSAT-3, OSAM-2, Vision-1/FeatherEdge, WVSAT (4 sats), TagSat-3 (hosted), GENMAT-1, PredaSAR, CACI DemoSat, Muninn, ACS-1, Kanyini



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Do you know approximate % capacity allotted, based on assigned satellites to a Transporter mission? For example, is there room still on Trans-2? Enough for SARah-1? Thanks

I don’t think that kind of information is available.

How sure are you about Bluewalker 3 is on Transporter 5 mission in june?

Regards/ an AST SpaceMobile reddit moderator

It’s an assumption based on this article, which said:

AST SpaceMobile was set to launch with SpaceX between March 1, 2022 and April 30, 2022, and has now submitted a rebooking notice for a revised launch window targeting summer 2022. The final launch timing is dependent on SpaceX.

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